Laser Treatments in Redlands, CA

Improve the look of your skin and eliminate unwanted body hair with our innovative laser treatments in Redlands, CA. The impact of the sun’s rays and the unrelenting march of time can inevitably leave your skin needing some attention. When the time comes for a complete rejuvenation of your look, set up an appointment with Natural Elegance Beauty MedSpa & Boutique.

Although we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, we understand that some people may not be as comfortable with their appearance as they would like. It is our goal to help those people through the skin rejuvenation treatments that we offer. The benefits include improved self-esteem and a healthy, vital glow.

Feel confident at that next poolside gathering when you no longer worry about unsightly, ingrown hairs on your body. Feel self-assured at that next poolside gathering when you no longer worry about unsightly, ingrown hairs on your body. Acne and other abnormalities can be greatly improved so that you can slip into your favorite swimsuit with confidence.

Rejuvenation takes the areas of your skin that you may be concerned about and helps transform them so that they blend perfectly into your overall body composition. We allow you to develop and maintain a look that matches how you feel on the inside. It is a valuable tool for getting yourself to where you want to be while also slowing the effects of aging.

Set up an appointment to visit our boutique and learn more about our body treatments and our noninvasive approach to removing fine lines and hairs. You can now enjoy permanent hair removal after six sessions in most cases, with minimal upkeep and maintenance. Start living the life you always dreamed of today.

We are all covered with hair, and some have more than others. But everyone will, at one time or another, end up dealing with hair that they wish they didn’t have. Those hairs can be exceedingly fine but still noticeable and problematic for us, or dark, dense, and coarse examples that drive us mad each time we look in a mirror. No matter which case applies to you, relief and peace of mind are available through the hair removal treatments that we offer.

Before Laser Hair Removal. Photo Courtesy of: Cutera

Laser Hair Removal- After 2 txs. Photo Courtesy of: Cutera

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Skin tags, telangiectasia, and cherry angiomas are now being treated through an advanced approach that utilizes noninvasive lasers and high-frequency radio waves. Many have resigned themselves to a life of floppy hats and swim shirts because of their excessive body hair and skin conditions. You do not have to deprive yourself of the sunshine of Southern California when you treat those conditions with Laser Genesis.

Through the encouragement of natural collagen production, this laser application can shrink larger pores, even skin tone, and diminish acne. You will see a noticeable difference after three to six treatments. The pulses of light also damage the follicles involved with body hair to reduce their ability to regrow hair.

Transformative Beauty Treatments

We offer additional applications for the treatment of benign moles, fibromas, milia, and more. Lamprobe deploys high-frequency radio waves that are noninvasive and produce results almost immediately. You can continue your busy day after each treatment, and enjoy the results in a short amount of time.

Contact us for effective spa treatments and beauty care. We proudly serve clients in Redlands, CA, and the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

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