Laser Treatments in Redlands, CA

Before Laser Hair Removal. Photo Courtesy of: Cutera

Laser Hair Removal- After 2 txs. Photo Courtesy of: Cutera

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal removes unwanted hair from the face, arms and underarms, back, legs, bikini area, and more. It is effective for anyone who suffers from pesky ingrown hairs and irritation. Permanent hair reduction results after six sessions for most people and requires occasional maintenance. Get the appearance you want and deserve with a painless technique which has proven itself over time to be very effective. Whether you want to remove unwanted hair from your face, arms, back, or another area, or you wish to clear up a condition on your skin, laser treatments in Redlands, CA, are the way to go.

Many people have come to Natural Elegance Beauty MedSpa & Boutique for our effective treatments and see results quickly for hair removal. After just a few visits to our spa, a notable reduction in the amount of hair is apparent. There’s next to no pain from the pulses of laser light which damage the hair follicles and diminish their ability to regrow.
If you wish to undergo a laser treatment, rest assured that it works very well on a range of issues such as fine wrinkles, acne, and skin tone. With a minor number of treatments, the results are noticeable in the form of rejuvenated skin and appearance. Lasers are non-invasive, and that means there is no recovery time, so you can go on about your day as soon as you are finished with your treatment. Doesn’t that sound like a simple solution for improved skin and a new you?


Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive laser treatment which evens skin tone, treats fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks large pores, diminishes active acne, while plumping the skin. It works by encouraging your natural collagen production. We recommend three to six treatments for optimal results.


Lamprobe is a non-invasive radio, high frequency technology to treat minor skin abnormalities without penetrating the skin’s surface. Treat skin conditions such as skin tags, cholesterol deposits, age spots, clogged pores, telangiectasia, cherry angiomas, acne, benign moles, fibromas, keratosis, milia, and more. There are immediate results and minimal discomfort.



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