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The newest service offered at Natural Elegance Beauty, is EMTONE in Redlands it is intended to treat persistent cellulite and skin imperfections. EMTONE is a medical device that has been approved by the FDA to also treat a variety of medical ailments, including muscle spasms, brief pain relief, and better circulation.

About EMTONE In Redlands

Say goodbye to cellulite with EMTONE, the non-surgical, skin tightening treatment that works to eliminate stubborn cellulite. The no downtime, no pain, in-office treatment can tone your booty, thighs, love handles, arms, and more! EMTONE is ideal for anyone looking for the non-invasive cellulite reduction and overall improvement of the skin appearance. Natural Elegance Beauty is one of the first offices to have EMTONE in the United States.

At our Redlands clinic, patients utilize this treatment to aid in elastin and collagen synthesis in order to quickly tighten and tone the look of the skin. With only a few brief EMTONE in Redlands sessions needed, this is a rapid and pleasant therapy for men and women.

woman after EMTONE in redlands

What Is Cellulite?

People can develop cellulite for a variety of reasons. To put it simply, fibrous bands travel through the fat from your skin to your muscles. The fat chambers push upward when these bands draw down toward the skin. This could be caused by a number of things, such as poor blood flow, the buildup of metabolic waste, and lack of skin elasticity. These things all cause fat chambers to push through the connective tissue under the skin, giving it a dimply feel.

This very apparent skin condition affects the majority of people at some point in their lives. Fortunately, with the help of EMTONE, our patients can address cellulite and the skin with a simple and effective treatment.

How Does it Work?

EMTONE combines monopolar RF and Targeted Pressure Energy. As such, it introduces a unique non-invasive solution combining two proven approaches to the treatment of cellulite. Due to the simultaneous effects, the therapy time is reduced and the results are significantly improved.

During the first visit, your provider helps design your individual treatment plan. Most patients undergo 4 treatments, scheduled once or twice a week. The most common perception of the therapy is being compared to a hot stone massage with intense mechanical vibrations. The EMTONE in Redlands treatment is performed in a relaxing lying-down position.

Areas to Treat?

  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
woman after EMTONE in redlands

How Long Does EMTONE Take?

A treatment typically takes about 20 minutes depending on the treated area and no downtime.

When to Expect Results?

Patients have reported improvements after a single treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months. With no downtime you may resume normal activity immediately after the treatment.

How EMTONE Helps With Cellulite

EMTONE offers a revolutionary approach to addressing the persistent issue of cellulite. This cutting-edge treatment utilizes a combination of monopolar radiofrequency (RF) and targeted pressure energy to combat cellulite effectively, providing patients with a non-surgical, non-invasive solution for smoother, tighter skin. Unlike traditional treatments that may require extensive downtime, EMTONE boasts no pain, no downtime, and minimal sessions.

The secret to EMTONE’s success lies in its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production while simultaneously targeting cellulite. By applying controlled heat and mechanical vibrations to the treated area, EMTONE enhances blood flow, reduces metabolic waste buildup, and improves skin elasticity. This reduces fat chambers pushing through the connective tissue under the skin, leaving your skin looking firmer and more youthful.


Are there any side effects associated with EMTONE?

EMTONE is a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment for cellulite and skin tightening. Typically, side effects are minimal, with some patients experiencing mild redness or warmth at the treatment site, which usually resolves quickly.

Is EMTONE suitable for men?

Yes, EMTONE is suitable for both men and women seeking cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Men can benefit from EMTONE’s non-invasive approach to improving skin texture and cellulite.

Is there any downtime after an EMTONE treatment?

EMTONE involves little to no downtime. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately after treatment. There may be slight redness or warmth in the treated area, but it usually fades quickly, allowing individuals to return to their daily routines without interruption.

Is EMTONE painful?

EMTONE is generally well-tolerated, and most patients report little to no discomfort. The sensation is often described as a warm massage-like experience.

How long do the results of EMTONE last?

The longevity of EMTONE results can vary among individuals, but many experience noticeable improvements after a few sessions. Periodic maintenance treatments may be recommended to maintain the results. A healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise can also help prolong the benefits of EMTONE.

Candidates For EMTONE In Redlands

If you’re wondering whether EMTONE is the right treatment for you, you should know that this treatment is ideal for everyone who is interested in reducing their cellulite without submitting themselves to invasive procedures like surgery.

Everyone including men and women can use EMTONE, and those who use it notice an improvement in the appearance of their thighs and legs, with less cellulite being visible as a result.

Although this is not a permanent solution, you may anticipate significantly better results after a series of four sessions. After your original series of treatments is finished, just minor touch-ups will be required to maintain your results. Give us a call for more info or to learn about more non-invasive treatments such as EMSCULPT.

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