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At Natural Elegance Beauty in Redlands, our Restylane treatments are a popular dermal filler among women and men because it is a non-permanent form of hyaluronic acid gel that is safe to use and intended to give your skin a healthy, natural appearance by mimicking your body’s own hyaluronic acid.

What Is Restylane?

To put it simply, the injectable fillers in the Restylane product line temporarily add volume to plump lips, raise cheekbones, smooth wrinkles, fill in scars and under-eye hollows, and revitalize sagging hands. Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin and is the primary ingredient in all Restylane fillers, is a chemical that draws and holds water, keeping skin moisturized and plump. When a patient receives treatments using Restylane, they can anticipate that their skin will both feel and look better than it ever has before.

How Does Restylane Work For Lip Treatments?

Like other lip fillers, this Restylane lip service is completed in the convenience of our office and takes under an hour. During a customized consultation, it can be established how many injections you’ll need to add volume to the lips in order for you to have natural and beautiful results that you love.

There is no recuperation period following treatment; you can instantly get back to your regular daily routine.

Benefits Of Restylane

For those looking to enhance the look of their lips and skin, this dermal filler treatment is a very popular option. Some of the benefits you can experience are:

  • It gives the appearance of smoother, bigger lips
  • It can treat wrinkles around the mouth
  • It can improve lip symmetry
  • Results compared to many other fillers are more natural-looking

Restylane Results

Restylane starts working right away and the actual treatment simply takes a few minutes. Depending on the treatment region, the effects often subside in 6 to 8 months, but they might occasionally linger up to 3 years. The results can be maintained by getting follow-up treatments at our Redlands clinic.

Candidates For Restylane Treatments

Most men and women are candidates for Restylane treatments as long as they show no visible signs of allergy to the injectable. This short, safe, and non-surgical treatment might be ideal for you if you are concerned about any facial imperfections, loss of volume or are looking to accentuate the look of your skin.

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How To Prepare For Your Restylane Treatment

In-office Restylane injections are a quick process that shouldn’t take more than an hour. Our experts will listen to your concerns and learn about your treatment objectives during your initial visit. Even if you’re visiting to get treatment for a specific issue, we will always provide you with the best forms of treatments based on your goals. Following that, we will suggest the ideal Restylane type for your issues and start the treatment process.

Types Of Restylane

Because each variety of Restylane filler is designed to have a particular texture, density, and injection depth, it is most effective for specific locations and uses. The following are some of the Restylane injection types and what they can do for you:

Restylane Original – This Restylane formulation plumps lips and smooths out creases. It’s one of the most popular fillers for the under-eye hollows or tear trough area.

Restylane Silk – The most refined version of Restylane, Silk, smooths out fine creases around your mouth, fills in hollows beneath your eyes, and subtly enhances your lips.

Restylane Refyne – This injectable type is excellent for movable areas. For instance, the lines that run from the corners of your mouth to your chin—also known as marionette lines and nasolabial folds—can be made to appear less prominent. It’s a preferred option for hollows under the eyes as well.

Restylane Defyne – Restylane Defyne fills in severe, deep creases and wrinkles, including marionette and laugh lines. It’s a flexible filler designed for high-movement regions, similar to Refyne.

Restylane Kysse – Restylane Kysse was recently approved by the FDA for enhancing lips and treating upper perioral rhytids, often known as smoker’s lines, which are the lines around the mouth.

Book Your Restylane Treatment In Redlands

Restylane is widely recognized as being among the most sought-after dermal fillers currently available. Make an appointment with one of our Redlands specialists to discuss this treatment option and find out if you’re a good candidate!

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