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Do you want to encourage new hair growth or have you suffered from hair loss? Natural Elegance Beauty, located in Redlands, provides cutting-edge hair restoration procedures that can stimulate hair follicle renewal and new hair development.

Our Hair Restoration Methods In Redlands

At some point in their lives, both men and women experience hair loss, and it’s common to feel discouraged by it. We understand how stressful hair loss can be, which is why we offer a quick, non-surgical procedure called PRP also known as Platelet Rich Plasma that can stop hair loss and promote up to 30% thicker, healthier hair growth.

PRP is a successful therapy option for men with early signs of hair loss who are not yet eligible for hair transplants as well as women with diffuse scalp thinning.

How Does It Work?

For many years, the medical fields of sports medicine, orthopedics, oral surgery, and neurosurgery have used platelet rich plasma to heal and regenerate injured tissues. PRP has been shown to be useful in reducing hair loss and enhancing the quality and density of scalp hair. It is also extremely helpful in preventing hair loss before it becomes total baldness.

During the process, a small amount of your blood will be taken and put into a centrifuge. This machine cleanses the blood in order for our experts to inject it back into the scalp. Since PRP is made from the patient’s own blood, there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction or other negative side effects.


Men and women consider PRP hair loss treatment for a variety of reasons. The treatment might be a great tool to help you regain your confidence if you have been battling with hair thinning or would want more volume in your hair. When you entrust our experts with your PRP treatment, you can enjoy a number of advantages, including the following:

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Short Recovery Time

This hair loss therapy is non-surgical and just needs a tiny amount of blood to be drawn, so you won’t have to take a lot of time off of work or from your regular activities.

Quick Treatment

It has been demonstrated that the stimulation of hair follicles is significantly improved by the growth factors present in platelet-rich plasma. Additionally, the scalp injections itself only take a few minutes to perform, making it possible for you to comfortably enter and exit the session without losing a significant amount of time from your day.

No Down Time

There is no down time after your hair restoration treatment. Although there might be some sensitivity, we do our best to ensure your comfort. If you’re in pain, our staff is qualified to provide you a topical anesthetic to put you at ease.

Increase The Amount Of Healthy Hair Follicles

Your hair follicles’ growth phase can be triggered and maintained by the therapy, which can enhance the volume of your hair and slow the rate at which it sheds.

PRP Treatments Results

Depending on your hair type and the reason for your hair loss, you may require a number of treatments. The majority of patients typically need treatments once per month for 4 months, however within 2–3 months, they notice significant changes in their hair growth.

Book Your Hair Restoration Treatment In Redlands

The first thing to do if you’re interested in PRP hair restoration treatment but still have questions is to schedule a consultation. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning, this treatment will help you get rid of such problems while also promoting faster hair growth.

Our medical experts are dedicated to giving our patients at Natural Elegance Beauty a refreshed, young appearance. Consider the many benefits of PRP therapy and place your trust in our experts. Call us or fill out a contact form right away to schedule your very own PRP consultation in Redlands!

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