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SKINVIVE by Juvéderm is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable to enhance skin smoothness on the cheeks. Promoting skin hydration provides a lasting glow for a rejuvenated, healthy appearance that lasts up to six months.

How SKINVIVE by Juvéderm Works

SKINVIVE in Redlands utilizes hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance famed for its hydrating properties — it can bind 1,000x its weight in water. Upon administration via intradermal microdroplet injections, the HA gel integrates into the skin, making your skin and cheeks look softer and more supple. This process effectively improves the skin’s smoothness on the cheeks, providing a refreshed, radiant look while fostering a healthier skin complexion for an extended period.

Image of syringe with SKINVIVE in Redlands

SKINVIVE by Juvéderm Treats:

  • Skin smoothness on the cheeks
  • Low hydration levels in the skin
  • General skin dullness
  • Loss of radiance from the skin

Advantages of SKINVIVE by Juvéderm:

  • FDA-approved for enhancing skin smoothness
  • Suitable for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types (I-VI)
  • Provides a lasting glow for up to six months with optimal treatment
  • High patient satisfaction reported in clinical studies
  • Non-surgical intradermal microdroplet injections
  • Helps retain natural skin moisture and softness
  • Minimal side effects and no downtime
Box of SKINVIVE in Redlands

What Can I Expect During My Treatment?

During your treatment with SKINVIVE in Redlands by Juvéderm, you can expect a non-invasive procedure that involves intradermal microdroplet injections to enhance the skin smoothness on your cheeks. The medical provider will cleanse your skin and administer the appropriate units of the product using ultrafine needles. The treatment concludes within 30 to 60 minutes, following which you can resume your daily activities and work.

Your SKINVIVE by Juvéderm Results

After the treatment, you may experience side effects like swelling or redness, which typically subside quickly. The recovery time is minimal, allowing you to resume daily activities promptly. The hydrating effect takes shape almost immediately, enhancing your skin’s smoothness and glow. You can expect optimal results as the side effects dissipate over a few days, making your skin look smooth and radiant. The final results last up to six months, following which you need additional treatments to maintain the results.

Woman with smooth skin after SKINVIVE in Redlands

Candidates for SKINVIVE by Juvéderm

If you’re over 21 and want to enhance your skin’s smoothness, particularly on the cheeks, you may be a suitable candidate for SKINVIVE in Redlands. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, lightest to darkest. However, those with a history of severe allergies or allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid or any component of SKINVIVE should refrain from this treatment. Our providers will analyze your skin, discuss your goals, and review your medical history to determine your candidacy.

SKINVIVE Treatment with Heather at Natural Elegance Beauty, Redlands, CA

Book Your SKINVIVE Treatment In Redlands

Natural Elegance Beauty in Redlands is your gateway to rediscovering youthful radiance. We understand the impact of feeling good physically and mentally, so we offer advanced therapies like SKINVIVE by Juvéderm to elevate your natural elegance. With our experienced medical team, you’re in adept hands, ensuring your results are natural and elegant. Schedule your consultation, and take a step towards enhanced skin smoothness.

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