BOTOX & JEUVEAU in Redlands, CA

Crow’s Feet Before Botox, Redlands, CA

Jim – Crow’s Feet Before Botox

At some point in our lives, we begin to notice lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces. Signs of aging are very common and absolutely normal; however, thankfully to neuromodulators, we don’t have to have them. Contact us for all your skin care needs in Redlands, CA.

The neuromodulators that our medspa carries are Botox and Jeuveau! Ask your Aesthetic Provider to see which neuromodulator is best for you!

Get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted with professionally administered Botox or Jeuveau. Natural Elegance Beauty offers products and services designed to reduce the appearance of lines, restore glow to your skin and give you a well rested appearance. Injectables are safe, popular treatment options that take only minutes to administer and deliver amazing results.

Complimentary with a neuromodulator are facial fillers.  Natural Elegance Beauty offers a variety of fillers to help restore volume and a youthful appearance to your skin.  Many fillers give instant results and last between 1 year to 5 years. Ask one of our team members if you are a candidate and how facial fillers can help benefit you.


Crow’s Feet After Botox, Redlands, CA

Jim – Crow’s Feet After Botox

You’re probably familiar with the way natural age causes skin to lose its elasticity. This is the phenomenon that leads to wrinkles and crow’s feet. However, by relaxing facial muscles, it’s possible to smooth out skin, greatly improving the appearance of wrinkles. Sometimes, it’s even possible to make them vanish altogether.

We are able to accomplish this by injecting a neuromodulator in the muscles that cause tension on our skin causing wrinkles. The name “Botox” is actually shorthand for the phrase “Botulinum Toxin.” The word “toxin” may throw you off, but rest assured that when injected in small amounts it is perfectly safe and effective. Also along with Jeuveau.

Botox and Jeuveau all works by binding to the receptors on muscles, then temporarily paralyzing them. Usually, many small injections are needed to correct the wrinkles. Each little injection is like a tiny pinprick. With each injection, only a very small amount of the neuromodulator is injected – less than a droplet. The total amount injected depends on your preferences. If you have many wrinkles or lines you’d like to improve, you’ll need more units. Heather Parlett, Physician Assistant and expert injector, will assess the patient and determine how much Botox or Jeuveau each patient needs.

When to Expect Results

With Botox or Jeuveau, you will likely begin to notice results anywhere from two to fourteen days after your injection. We encourage you not to expect results the day you receive your Botox or Jeuveau treatment. It takes time for the neuromodulator to bind to the receptors on the muscles. However, you can expect and look forward to your treatment tightening and smoothing your skin for the next three to six months.

For more information about Botox, its function, or our approach to safety, contact our office. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.